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Having over 25 years experience helping homebuyers and homeowners has given me a clear understanding of the mortgage process. I’m with my customers every step during this process to guarantee the loan is funded in a timely manner and with the best price!

As your Mortgage Consultant, you will have my undivided attention from the very start. Our initial conversation begins with time together over the phone or in person. This takes as much or little of your time to help me help you ascertain the available options which best suits your needs.

Proudful, working @ Home State Bank I’m able to offer rates from many of the bigger banks or direct to Fannie Mae. And I’m able to lend in all 50 states working 7 days a week! We underwrite, process and fund all of our loans which is a major advantage compared to other lenders.

I’m here to help!

You're in Good Hands ...

Since 1915, Home State Bank has established a strong reputation with individual consumers, real estate professionals, and homebuilders.

You can be confident that your chosen mortgage consultant will guide and advise you on which product would best suit your unique home financing needs. We will provide loan status reports so that you are informed throughout the lending process.

Our online capabilities provide you with many conveniences that extend beyond normal business hours, however, we pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships that are best formed through face-to-face interactions.

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Get the Cash You Need

Owning a home is more than just a personal milestone; it's a smart financial move. Over the years, as you've diligently made mortgage payments, your home has likely appreciated in value. This means you've built up valuable equity.

Tap Into Your Equity

Imagine being able to unlock that equity for immediate needs. Meet Cash-Out Refinancing: your financial Swiss Army knife. By swapping out your existing mortgage for a new one—this time, one that's larger than your outstanding balance—you can free up a lump sum of cash at closing.

But Why Consider Cash-Out Refinancing Now?

You might be wondering, with current mortgage interest rates, why go for a new mortgage that could have a higher rate? Great question. The power of Cash-Out Refinancing isn't just in the immediate liquidity—it's in the financial flexibility it offers. Many homeowners are using it to consolidate debts, which often have much higher interest rates.

Home Renovations: Investing In Your Sanctuary

Speaking of financial flexibility, let's talk renovations. Upgrading your home isn’t just about slapping on a new coat of paint; it’s about enhancing your lifestyle and increasing your property value. A cash-out refinance is an excellent tool to fund these improvements. Whether you're adding a home office, updating your kitchen, or finally building that dream backyard oasis, you're not just making your home better—you're making a long-term investment. Best of all, you're improving on an asset you already own, thereby saving yourself the upheaval and expense of shopping for a new home in a market of escalating costs.

Your Trusted Mortgage Expert

  • Home State did a great job of assisting us on the finance end of our search for a new home. Once the offer was made and the ball was rolling all staff contacts with Home State Bank were pleasant, professional, and timely. Would highly recommend them.
  • Working with Home State was easy. Very knowledgeable and explained every step taken on the way to purchasing our new home. I would highly recommend working with them.
  • My wife and I just completed a re-finance on our second home in Florida. Home State was awesome to work with, which did not surprise us since we have handled several mortgages for us in the past at HSB, always with great enthusiasm, professionalism, and communication. Excellence in action.

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